Principal Page

Dear Parents,

You and your children are part of the North School Family and we greatly appreciate your support and trust.

It is our belief that a quality education can be achieved through high expectations of student performance and behaviors.  We continue to be proud of our learners and the staff who are enthusiastically committed to providing the best education possible for our students at North School. However, you are your child’s first teacher; we need your continued support as partners in your child’s education. With your continued involvement, we assure you that we shall do our best to create a partnership which will provide the best opportunity for social, emotional, and academic growth.  We are prepared to make a positive difference in the lives of our students, as we focus on the learning and achievement of each and every child.

Although the Student/Parent Handbook is available online at our website, I would like to highlight a few specific areas:

Student Absences/Tardies– Please notify the school office (432-6933), if your child will be absent or tardy.  An answering machine will record your calls from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.  Please try to call before 8:45 am and be sure to identify your child by name, grade, teacher, and the reason for the absence.  If a call has not been received by North School that morning, we will contact you at home or at work to verify the absence.  Also remember, when your child returns to school, please send in a note explaining the absence or tardy.  This procedure is to assure the safety of your child.  It should be noted that family vacations should not be taken when school is in session. 

Tardiness– Bus and Parent Drop Off Begins at 8:30.  Students enter their classrooms at 8:45.  Morning announcements are made at 8:55, and the academic day begins at 9:00.  It can be stressful for children when they arrive late to school, and it interrupts the smooth operation of classroom routines.  Please make every effort to have children arrive on time. The best way to do this is to allow your child to ride the bus to school each day. 

Visitation– All visitors to North School must press a buzzer to gain admittance to the vestibule area during the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:45 PM.  When you ring the buzzer you will be asked to identify yourself; further, you will be asked the purpose of your visit and the name of the child with whom you are associated. 

Electronic Devices– During the school day, there are many opportunities for students to engage and utilize technology.  When technology is needed, we are able to provide our students with the appropriate technology, whether it be computers or tablets.  As a result, there is no need for students to bring in electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, iPods) to the classrooms.  For those students that do decide to bring electronic devices to school, the expectation during the school day, including recess, is that all personal electronic devices will be turned off and kept in the child’s backpack. Consequences will be issued to students who do not adhere to our guidelines around the use of personal electronic devices.

Notification of Video Release Information– The Londonderry School District has on occasion the need to use audio/video recording and/or photographs of various school events, activities and classes.  The district produces programming which may be shown on LEO 21, CTV-20 and/or other cable or broadcast stations. Therefore, unless a written objection is received in the office of the Principal by Friday, September 7th, the district will assume the right to use audio/video tape and/or photographs in which students may appear or be heard. This right is understood to include the right to reproduce, make alterations or additions, and to copyright the material in whole or in part.  Additionally, photos, student artwork, projects or performances may be displayed or shared.  Student produced work (print and non-print) may be used by the district in the course of instruction, accreditation, presentation and action research. The district will continue to notify parents/guardians on an individual basis in those instances where special education programs are involved.

We look forward to a wonderful year! Please keep the lines of communication open: first with your child’s teacher, and with each of us.