General Information

General Information

Medical Conditions: Please keep nursing and your child's homeroom Teacher  updated regarding your child's medical condition(s), medications, and treatment medication changes throughout the year. 

Medications and Treatments: If you child requires daily, as needed or emergency , or medication and treatments for a short time please provide the following. 
Medication order signed by your child's physician that includes: student's name, date of birth, diagnosis, medication to be administered, dose, route, and time when medication or treatment is due. Prior to administration of medication or treatment the  parent's request for giving medication or treatment form  must be completed and provided to nursing. In addition, the medication must be dropped off to nursing by a parent or guardian in the original bottle with the prescription label and if an over the counter medication labeled with the student's name.
For safety reasons, medications are not be transported on the school bus by students unless your child's physician, school nurse, and parents have completed and signed the self administration of medication form that you may obtain from nursing.

Food allergies: If your child has severe food allergies, please provide documentation from their allergiest or PCP. For those who require Benadryl or an Epi Pen at school please provide nursing with a medication order signed by your child's doctor, allergy response plan, parent's request for giving medication or treament form , and their medications. It is improtant to update nursing with changes in allergic reactions, allergens, and medications. If your child will be eating hot lunch please have your docrot complete this Diet Order Form and return to nursing. We will forward this form to the Director of Food Services and keep a copy in your child's medical chart.

Injuries: If your child requires a visit to the doctor for an injury please provide us with a doctor’s note with physical restrictions regarding recess and gym. If educational restrictions are required due to a head injury please provide specific information for nursing and  nursing will forward the restrictions to your child's teachers. 

Annual height, weight, vision and hearing screenings will be done yearly for all 1st , 3 rd and 5th graders. Additionally, 5th graders will have their blood pressure checked. Once these are completed for a grade level these assessments will be printed and sent home with your child. If you prefer that your child is not screened please email Nurse Mitchell at [email protected].

*If there are any abnormalities during screenings nursing will contact and notify the parent or guardian. 

Absences: When calling your child in sick please give a specific reason or illness (ex. fever, sore throat, cough). This information is important as nursing symptoms and illnesses such as Influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, strep, and gastrointestinal viruses within grade levels to notify parents as needed and for those class rooms with student's who are immunocompromised.

Proper hydration: Please consider sending in a refillable water bottle with your child(ren) daily. We ask that there is a closure on the bottle so it will not leak if tipped over. Keep in mind only clear fluids are permitted within the school. Water is best! This way your child will have access to fluids as needed. When seen by nursing for mild symptoms(cold symptoms, sore throat, and headaches) your child will be encouraged to increase their fluid intake.

Pediculosis (Lice): The Londonderry School District has a nit free policy. This means that if your child has lice they have been treated and there are no nits(eggs) present in the hair. The student must be checked by the school nurse to be cleared to ride the school bus and to return to the classroom. The student will be checked  by nursing over the course of 10-14 days to ensure that your child remains clear of nits and louse(bug).  It is highly recommended that parents and guardians also check daily at home and remove nits during an infestation.