Miss. Sarel


Welcome to Mrs. Woodard's web page! You may contact me at:

Phone: 432-6937 X6522 Email address: [email protected]

I teach music at Matthew Thornton all day Wednesday as well as Thursday morning, South School on Tuesday morning, and North School on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I also teach the MT Band before school every day.

Elementary school music takes place during the day. Classes are 50 minutes long. Our music class goals are based on the state and national standards and are to learn to read music, to use correct singing techniques - and to learn about the world of music - all while having fun. I strongly feel that it is important for students to develop an appreciation for and love of music. To these ends, we move, sing, compose music, play games, play instruments, and listen to music selections. Fourth graders put their music knowledge to work by learning to play recorders.

Fourth graders may choose to further their music knowledge - and fun - by joining the chorus and/or the orchestra.

Fifth graders may join the band as well as chorus and/or orchestra. 

MT Band


Come join the Matthew Thornton Fifth Grade Band and become part of Londonderry's internationally known band program! In beginning band, students not only learn how to read music and, of course, play their chosen instrument; they learn what it means to work together as a team, developing their sense of responsibility as well as their musical skills.

The program consists of one lesson per week. Lessons take place either before school or during recess. Towards the end of October, rehearsals with the entire band will begin. (There will then be two rehearsal days per week). All before-school lessons will take place in the gym. 

We are piloting an exciting program this year! With Essential Elements Interactive, students use this online program to play along with pre-recorded accompaniments. They have the choice to play along with the melody as well or take the challenge to play with just the accompaniment. They have the option of slowing the tempo down or looping the music for continuous pracitice. Through Essential Elements Interactive students will submit recordings for teacher feedback and submit practice logs for accountability. This exciting new program is free of charge with purchase of the Essential Elements book. So, come along with us on this stimulating musical adventure!

Instrument Choices: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion (Drums and Bells)


April 19, 2016 Spring Concert

May 30, Memorial Day Parade

 Instrument lessons are as follows:

MONDAY -  7:45 AM - Flutes

TUESDAY - 7:45 AM - Clarinets

WEDNESDAY - 7:45 AM - Trumpets Recess: Trombones

THURSDAY - 7:45 AM - Percussion

FRIDAY - 7:45 AM - Saxophones

Please come to lessons and rehearsals by 7:40 so that we may begin on time at 7:45. Every minute counts!

Please log your practice time in Essential Elements Interactive!

Please go to DOCUMENTS to access the MT Band Welcome Letter and Calendar.


Guiding principle: Practice must have a purpose.

First, decide what it is you want to accomplish.


1. Schedule several short practice sessions a week (20 - 30 minutes, or more if you wish!) rather than one extended session. You are training your body as well as your brain, so one practice time a week does not work!

2. Take frequent breaks during your practice sessions so you don't get overtired.

3. Practice at the same time every day in a quiet room. You could also add practice sessions whenever you feel motivated or inspired to make music and improve.

4. Encourage your Mom or Dad - or another adult - to oversee your practice as often as possible.

5. Use Essential Elements Interactive to help you in your practice - and to have FUN!

6. Make sure to have Mom or Dad - or another adult - oversee and initial your practice chart.

7. Enjoy yourself!

Marching Band

Marching practice will begin in May. Please see the documents that are attached to this website for all needed information.