Homework and Long Term Assignments


We will have homework each night, Monday through Thursday night. Homework is important because it allows students to practice what they have learned that day. Students will have at least one assignment every night. There will be a reading and math log given every week. Please remember to sign the log and your student should remember to bring it in on Friday. A new reading and math log will be passed out on Friday and will be due on the following Friday.

Students will also be given a homework folder to bring assignments to and from school. It is important for students to be responsible for their homework. 

Students will be given a long term project to complete for each trimester. The students will receive directions and a rubric to follow. It is really important for students to not leave their project until the last minute or they will be overwhelmed.

Students who do not do their homework will go to the Student Support Room (SSR) to do their homework during recess. Homework should not take over 30 minutes. The 30 minutes does not include time spent on reading and math logs. If your child has worked hard on his or her assignments and have still not finished after 30 minutes, please have your child stop working. When this happens, please attach a short note explaining your child's difficulties, so I can better meet your child's learning needs.