The Londonderry School District has a policy of 20 minutes per night of homework for second graders.

For my second graders,homework is about responsibility, accountability, and extra practice! Students will receive their weekly homework packet on Friday and they will return them the following Friday. Students should also be reading and studying their addition and subtraction math fact nightly.

Students will be given a Homework Folder, which will be used Monday thru Thursday. This folder is to provide communication between school and home. Please be sure to check this folder nightly as important notices go home daily and return the following day!

If your child has a busy week ahead, they are able to get a jump on their work over the weekend. It allows the family a little more flexibility. If you notice an ongoing problem area, please do let me know, so I can address it and help your child. 

If you find there is a problem with homework, please let me know right away so I can address it with you and / or your child.  Thank you in advance!