Homework will go home on Fridays, and will be due the next Friday. It will consist of the spelling list of the week (for students to practice in a way that works best for them) and math facts practice (checking for completion)


       On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a small review sheet will be sent home in order to practice the math skill we are working on, as well as grammar and vocabulary. 


Homework is minimal because rather than memorizing their spelling and facts for the test each Friday, I want them to retain this information forever. I will need YOUR HELP each week, holding your child accountable for practicing their spelling and math facts! 


We will be starting homework this Friday. I have provided students with a green homework folder that they will use to bring homework back and forth to school and home.  


Please encourage your students to read each night! It would also be a great idea to read to your child to model what a great reader sounds like!