A Look at the Curriculum
Typical Reading Block 

Whole Group ELA 
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Comprehension skill work
Broken down into 15 minute mini lessons/activities
Daily Read Alouds 

Reading Centers 
Meet the teacher
Respond to Reading
Read to Self
Technology Independent Centers

Book Clubs (Small Groups)
Novel Studies with graphic organizers
Mixture of fiction and nonfiction chapter books

Typical Math Block

Our Math in Focus curriculum is language rich allows students to dive into great conversations about the multiple ways we can solve problems!

Whole Group (20 minutes) 

Math in Focus Anchor Lessons and journaling
Independent, partner, and group collaboration  
Conversations about multiple ways to think about a problem! 


Math Centers (40 minutes) 

Meet with teacher
Independent Centers
Math Facts

We have already began the year with some fun STEM activities! It has been great watching students work together, and come up with some really creative ideas. 


Throughout the year, students will complete various experiments and STEM activities including dissecting owl pellets, studying the rainforest and animal classification!

Social Studies 

Major Units of Study:

World Geography/Culture
All continents expect Antarctica (2ndgrade usually covers it with a penguin unit) 
Medieval times/castles

Each week, students will be working on iReady lessons. 45 minutes will be in math, and 45 minutes will be for reading. 


This year, I am planning on practicing a lot of goal setting with students in order to motivate them to reach their iReady goals for the year. 


Students will take diagnostic at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to measure their growth. iReady is a great additional assessment tool that we use to make sure students are on the right track. 


This year, I have supplied earbudsfor the students. If your child is uncomfortable with earbuds, and would prefer a different pair, they can bring in the headphones of their choice!