Back to School Supply List

The following supplies will help us to be prepared for our daily routine and take ownership of our third grade responsibilities:

1 plastic pencil box
, standard (8 1/2 x 5 3/4) size.  Our desk real estate is valuable and there isn't much to spare!

two pocket folder, for daily home school correspondence.  The plastic poly kind will usually last all year and they do come in fun designs like the paper folders.

This list should NOT be a burden.  I am happy to provide any and all of these items!  Please send in supplies by September 12th.  I will provide if not received by this date.

All other supplies will be provided.  Thank you for keeping any additional supplies at home, as the space in our classroom is limited!  Keeping a homework box at home filled with pencils and crayons might be a great way to establish your homework routine!

We are always thankful for tissues and district approved wipes to keep our desks clean. (Method and Seventh Generation brands are approved)