The Gifford Gazette


The Gifford Gazette

March 15, 2019

What’s happening in Room 5 next week?

Language Arts:

-We will begin Unit 4 entitled, "Treasures."

-We will read Mama’s Birthday Present.

-Genre: Realistic Fiction

-Phonics Skill: Long a: ai, ay and Possessives.

-Comprehension Skill: Draw Conclusions

*Special Event:

Wednesday, March 20th: All School Field Trip to the Palace Theater in Manchester to see "Aladdin." (We will be returning to North School in time for lunch).

Written Expression:

-Adding details to writing to make it more interesting and give the reader more information.


-Counting, comparing, and ordering numbers to 20.

-Counting on from 10-20.

-Reading & Writing 11-20 in numbers and words.

Things Your Child Should Be Practicing Daily at Home:

-Memorization of Addition and Subtraction Facts through 10

-Reading, Writing, and Ordering Numbers to 120

-Sight Words


Important Dates:

March 20: Honey Pot Bank (8:30-8:45am), All School Field Trip to Aladdin at the Palace Theater, Aladdin at the Palace Theater (7pm)

March 22-Chorus Singing at Harlem Globetrotters (7:00pm) at SNHU Arena

March 24-Mother/Daughter PTA Roller Skating at Roller Kingdom

This Week’s Spelling Words:

1. train

2. way

3. tail

4. play

5. day

6. may

7. rain

8. gray

9. mail

10. afraid

11. about

12. would

This Week’s Sight Words:

1. me

2. back

3. give

4. most

5. very