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Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns you may have. You may reach me at #432-6933 ext. 4207 between the hours of 7:30 - 8:30 and after 3:30. Please contact the main office directly with any dismissals or absentee information. Due to technical difficulties that the district may occur, please contact me again if I have not responded to your email or voice message within 24 hours.

               Specials Highlights

Monday = Library with Mrs. Thompson
Tuesday = PE with Mr. Pampel
Wednesday = Math Enrichment with Mrs. Carr
Thursday = Music with Mrs. Woodard
Friday = Art with Mrs. Sullivan

Snack and Lunch

Click on the lunchbox for the lunch menu:

Please remember to pack your child a healthy snack and drink for our morning break at 10:35. Lunch is scheduled for 12:05 and your child may purchase hot lunch or milk at this time. Your child may pay for lunch on a daily basis, or a check and on-line payments are available to pay in advance. Lunch is $2.00 and milk is $.50. Milk can not be purchased at snack time.

For Homework send it home in a packet. In Friday's Folder you will receive the packet for the next week, not to be passed in until the following Friday. This will give your child time to work on it as his or her pace. The packet will include a grammar/phonic sheet, a math practice page, the fluency poem or songs, a book to read and a spelling practice page that reviews their words for the spelling test on Friday. On Monday their Spelling Book will go home with their words for the week so that they can practice for Friday's Test. There will be no homework on Friday. A Friday Folder will be sent home.
I am also asking that you have your child read for 15 minutes a night and that they practice their addition and subtraction facts too. The more they practice the better they will become at these skills.
Your child's homework folder is to be returned on a daily basis. Your child's Friday Folder should be returned on Monday. Please place your child's spelling book in their Homework Folder on Thursday night so it can be returned every Friday. Thank you for your support
and involvement in your child's life!

Ideas for Spelling/Sight Word Practice
1. Use letter stamps or cut out letters from magazines to create the words.
2. Make a bingo board or play hangman.
3. Paint your words or trace them in sand/salt.
4. Write your words in shaving cream or with chalk on the driveway.
5. Type your words on the computer or write them out using glitter pens, etc.
6. Use wikki stixs or foam/crayon soap while in the tub.
7. Place your words in ABC Order or on cards to have hidden around the room.
8. Use playdough and letter cookie cutters.
9. Create pictures out of letters in your words.
10. Write out your words with magnetic letters on the refrigerator. 

Themes for the Year
During the school year your child will be exposed to several themes that may change for various reasons. Below is a list of themes, which your child may be exposed to:
Team Building and Whole Group Challenge
Holidays Around the World
Health and Nutrition
Image Making
Book Making