Housekeeping Items

Sheets Of Paper.pngHousekeeping Items

Some things to keep in mind for your child's day:

1. Please remember to label all your child's outside wear (coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc.), and other items brought to school each day (backpacks, school supplies, lunch box). Many items are left in the cafeteria or on the playground. They all eventually end up in our Lost and Found container. It is much easier for your child to identify their belongings if it has their name on it. :-) We now have lost and found table outside the cafeteria a few times a month, so remind your children to check on their way to lunch.
2. When the PTA hosts a Popcorn Day , the children can purchase a bag of popcorn for 25 cents to enjoy during their recess period that day.
3.  Birthdays : We celebrate each student's birthday in our classroom with a special birthday song and design a classbook for the birthday child. The district has a no-food policy in place now, so there are no concerns for health-related problems. Non-food class treats can be sent in if you'd like, but your child is celebrated with or without the treats. They have their birthday song, birthday book, and birthday bag.
Birthday Invitations : Students who have party invitations to hand out should be sure to give them to me to put into student's folders to avoid any hurt feelings.
4. Dismissal Procedures: If there are any changes in your child's dismissal plans, a note must be sent into school that day with your child. If your child will be attending any afterschool activities, please be sure to sent a note with date and time so you don't have to write a note each week.