Common Core

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3 Key Ideas for Parents About the Common Core

Thinking Deeply:

The Common Core emphasizes critical thinking. It requires students to analyze more, discuss more, evaluate more, justify more and explain their thinking & understanding deeply, especially in writing. Take-Away: Really thinking deeply is hard. Let it BE hard, help them talk it out.

Integrating Learning:

The Common Core emphasizes learning across disciplines (reading with math & social studies standards combined into one task). Students spend more time working together with different settings, structures & tools. Take-away: Problems & solutions happen everyday in the real world

Show How They Know:

The Common Core emphasizes proof & evidence. Long gone are the days of worksheets, fact memorization and skill & drill. Students are not taught this way and they are not assessed this way. Take-away: The new tests will require students to explain how they know.

Supporting the Common Core at Home:

1. Ask why when children tell you they want something or want to do or not do something

2. Use the word because after no or not tonight

3. Give reasons -- you to them and them to you

4. Encourage questions and explore answers (especially questions whose answers are not yes or no)

5. Explain and discuss issues or problems in your house, neighborhood, and community. Brainstorm solutions.

6. Compare how things are alike and different -- videos, movies, food

7. Look for patterns

8. Describe and categorize stuff

9. Tell your children what you value and why

10. Encourage and celebrate opinions

By Jen Jones & Kate Duty 2013/