Our Spelling and Sight Word Program

Spelling and Sight Words

Spelling Words

Your child has been issued a HOMEWORK FOLDER to use throughout the school year. In this folder I have placed two MASTER LISTS containing all of our SPELLING & SIGHT WORDS for the entire year. In order to minimize paper use, I will not be sending home additional weekly lists. Each week children will be assigned new Spelling & Sight Words. Please refer to the MASTER LISTS to see which words have been assigned for any given week. 

The Spelling Words will be a list of words featuring the phonics skills that we are working on. We will begin with Unit 1-Week 1 and progress in order. Your child should study these words for few minutes each night. I will be assessing your child on these words (as well as other words which contain the same phonics skills) regularly, using various assessment tools, including our weekly Spelling Tests, which will be given at the end of each week.   If you are unsure of the week's lists, please refer to this page and you will see which Unit and Week # we are currently working on. 

High Frequency Words (Sight Words)

Sight Words are words which occur frequently in reading, and which often cannot be sounded out. It is absolutely necessary for children memorize Sight Words in order to become a successful readers. Sight Word recognition increases reading fluency significantly. To help your child learn to recognize these words by sight (in other words-knowing them instantly without sounding them out) I will be introducing a few new words each week practiced. Please help your child practice these words for a few minutes each day. To know which words we are working on for any given week, please refer to the MASTER LIST in your child's homework folder. We will highlight words as they are introduced. I will not be sending home additional lists. 

Spelling Words for Sept. 30-Oct. 4:

  1. nap
  2. naps
  3. sit
  4. sits
  5. win
  6. wins
  7. fit
  8. fits
  9. hit
  10. hits
  11. her
  12. too


Sight Words for Sept. 30-Oct. 4

  1. or
  2. one
  3. had
  4. by
  5. word