Principal Page

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The staff and administration will soon begin the process of placing your child(ren) for the 2017-2018 school year.  Looking ahead to next year, the following general guidelines will be used to establish balance and compatibility in classrooms:  

  • Grade level classroom teachers, special education staff, reading teachers, administrators and our guidance counselor work as a team to place students.  Placement in each classroom is determined by this team.  Much thought, time and effort are put into creating classes for the subsequent year as we work to address each student’s specific needs (social, emotional and academic).
  • This team has the responsibility of making specific decisions about each child's placement for next year based on all available, appropriate data. The number of students, boys and girls, those receiving additional supports, as well as an even distribution of ability levels, is considered during the placement process.  All classes are constructed with a combination of children who the team feels will work well together.

Once again, we plan to have a Step-Up Day for our students in June, just prior to the close of school.  This gives each student an opportunity to meet their “new” teacher prior to the summer vacation and helps ease any anxiety regarding the upcoming grade change.  Tentatively, this day is set for June 22 and will take place in the morning allowing each child to experience 30 minutes in their new grade level.  There are many positives for doing a Step-Up Day.  The one drawback to a Step-Up Day is that placements could change over the summer, due to either students moving or an influx of new students.  The key to this piece is communication and if this were to happen, we would reach out to all impacted.

It is our hope that you will support the placement process and feel confident that your child will have every opportunity for success in the upcoming year.  If you feel that the placement team would benefit from reviewing additional information about your child’s learning style or there is an extenuating circumstance we may not be aware of, I would ask that you please reach out to me by April 14 at   Please focus your request on the environment in which your child would best be successful without requesting specific teachers.

North School is fortunate to have such an outstanding teaching staff and we all look forward to next year and the continued growth of your children.