Snack and Lunch

Separation.pngSnack and Lunch

Your child should come to school with a healthy snack and water each day for their snack at 10:10-10:25 am. Please review with your child that sharing snacks or lunch is not allowed. This is very important, as there are students with sensitivities to some food items. Students are only allowed to drink water in the classroom. This rule began last year, and will be continued this year. No juice or fruit water please. This makes clean up easier and is more sanitary, as we do not have a sink in the classroom. (Thank you!)
The lunch period begins at 11:40 am this year. Your child can purchase a lunch for $2.00 which is complete with a milk. Milk can also be purchased separately for .50 cents for children that bring their lunch. (They have a choice of 1%, skim white, fat free chocolate, and fat free strawberry). It is easiest for your child to bring in a check to put into their lunch account or you can simply go on line and use your credit card to place money directly into your child's account. When their money is low, the cafeteria staff will send home an envelope indicating it is time to send in another check. (In order to get the I.D. number necessary to manage your child's account on-line, simply call or check in with one of the North School secretaries). The district Food Service Director can be reached at 432-6941, ext. 2234 if you should have any questions about your child's lunch account or food needs. The menu will have lots of new foods that are lower in fat, taste good, and are better for the children. The menu has continued to evolve, and there have been many more "homemade" and whole grain food items added to the menu. So take some time to review the new options with your child. (Note: If you do send money for milk or lunch, please be sure to place in a labeled envelope or baggy. This avoids lost money. Thank you!